Welcome To Chaves Knives

Chaves Knives are hand crafted for heavy duty use and made with the some of finest materials for durability and edge retention. When I build a Chaves Knife I am building more than a functional knife, I am building a serious cutting tool that will last a lifetime.

My interest in knives began early, at about the age of 8, when my mom bought me my very first knife since then I have loved knives.

I collected a few more knives as a youngster, and in 1993, while still in high school, I found an old knife that looked handmade. I asked my dad where it came from, and he told me his brother used to make them out of old hacksaw blades from the railroad where he worked. I thought it was the coolest thing so I tried my hand at it. A few weeks later I finished my first knife, a Bowie style knife, using a chainsaw bar for the blade, some brass for the guard, and an antler for the handle.

A lot has changes since that first knife.

I love making knives because it is so gratifying to turn raw materials into something useful, and to know that people appreciate the effort that I put into their knife.

Thanks to all my customers who have supported me and my work. Lorrie and I appreciate every one of you.

- Ramon Chavez, Owner of Chaves Knives USA